Experimentation with material and process is an important aspect of my craft.  There is something fascinating about the unexpected, the thrill of chaos that draws me to working in spontaneous ways. My interaction in creating vessels and wall works is very physical, I work directly to manipulate the material throughout different stages until a form emerges.  In this symbiotic relationship between my process and me, I hope to understand myself through constant stimulation of the material.  Clay, glaze and glass are materials used in combination with one another and it is difficult to predict what they do and how they work. As I manipulate material, I am interested in highlighting and bringing beautiful form and surface to the overlooked and forgotten places I see each day.  These could be spaces or aspects of abandoned buildings, trash I see on the side of the road……..any remnant of  decay or ruin.  I even aspire to use only clay and glazes that are reclaimed or tiny glass shards from the glassblower’s studio that are on their way to the dumpster. I love the challenge of trying to make things work together, adapt to each other visually and technically - to be purposeful in their substance and in their value and meaning. I try to translate these moments that may soon be gone into a material statement that will last forever.